11 Candle Safety Tips and Best Practices

candle safety

We want everyone to be able to enjoy Madame Flowers candles safely. On today's blog post we're sharing best practices for burning your candles!

  1. Don’t leave your candle unattended 
    Keep that candle within eyesight at all times! Candles are like children, you look away for two seconds and before you know it they’ve drawn all over your walls in sharpie (totally not personal experience at all…)

  2. Keep children and pets away from your candle 
    Candles, children and pets are pretty much the trifecta of unpredictability. It’s best to keep them from mixing.

  3. Burn your candle for two to three hours each time you light the candle to help it to burn evenly.

  4. Keep the wax pool free of wax trimmings and debris.
    The trimmings can potentially re-ignite and create a fire hazard.

  5. Avoid placing your candle under drafts. 
    Vents or air currents to help prevent rapid and/or uneven burning and excessive dripping or soot.

  6. Only light candles that are on level surfaces clear of all potentially flammable objects 
    The only thing we want going up in flames is the candle, you feel me? Prevent potential  accidents by keeping a one to two foot radius around your candle clear of all potential flammable objects.

  7. If burning more than one candle, place each candle at least 3-5 inches away from each other. 

  8. Trim your wick to ¼ an inch before lighting 
    Keeping your wick trimmed prevents the flame from potentially getting too large and hot, aka a fire hazard.

  9. Don’t use water to extinguish your candle 
    It can cause hot wax to splatter or potentially break a glass container.

  10. Stop burning your candle when there is ¼ - ½ of an inch left in the container 
    Burning your candle all of the way down is a potential fire hazard. 

  11. Do not touch or move your candle until it has completely cooled.
    Your candle might be surprisingly hot! Wait 10 or so minutes so that your candle has time to cool before moving it.